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      "I don't understand your lordship," at length tremblingly articulated Mary.

      THE COURSE OF EMPIRE. THE COURSE OF EMPIRE.This is the pleasantest club I know, he said. And wheres the president?

      "Well," interrupted Calverley, with a contemptuous smile"well, well, Byles, I see you prefer a jail for yourself, and beggary and starvation for your wife and child. Ayeperhaps to ask bread from Stephen Holgrave."

      "O! swear, Roland! swear!" said Isabella, starting from her seat, and, forgetful of all save her own intense feelings, she clasped her hands on her husband's shoulder.



      As they approached the station, Frank appeared a little nervous about something. The cause of his anxiety was apparent when the carriage stopped. He was the first to get out and the first to mount the platform. Somebody was evidently waiting for him."Why, certainly," Mary answered, "and sometimes they wouldn't buy any cherries at all."


      "Does he indeed hold such opinions, my Lord of Canterbury?" asked Lancaster."Yes, yes, I will mind: but I verily believe you think me a fool, or a woman who don't know when to hold her tongue!you tell me one thing so many times over! Watis that John Leicester coming?"